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Producer & CO Director

Peer pressure back story

‘Peer Pressure’ is a film piece intended to raise awareness on the rise in knife crime within London, as well as broaden the dialogue around the topic in order to find solutions. We believe that as a community we need to support and guide our youths in order to keep them safe and off the streets. We hope to work alongside the authorities to create more opportunities for the young people in our city, to keep them inspired and to show them possibilities outside their current situations. 

Peer pressure was purposefully created to make the maximum visual impact as well as to give members of the effected community a way for their voice to be heard. Thus we selected untrained actors, and our production team from the brixton community as well as the calisthenics community who have all directly or indirectly been impacted by knife crime.

Movie length: 40 minutes long (short film)


Chino Achunine

Executive Producer

What We Hope to Achieve!

 The aim is to use this piece to highlight the turning points in the life of the young people within the effected communities that acts as a catalyst towards turning them into knife carriers and consequently the monsters that there are labelled once there have been involved in a knife crime.


Goku Nsudoh-Parish (@goku_sw)

Goku’s Mum

Denisha Thomas (@through.dreds.eyes)

Goku’s Stepdad

Benjamin Wachenje (@aka_bro_ben)

Young Goku

Rammall Dre Nsudoh-Parish (@rizzy_sw)

Gang Leader

Adefuye ‘Toksie Magic’ (@toksie_magic)

Gang Member

Adrian Vasile But (@adychulo)

Stepdads Boss

Fred Ras Ezra (@ras_ezra_eleazar)

Busker & Shop Assistant

Vivienne Isebor (@vvsings)

Sound Recordist – Fred Ras Ezra
Assistant – Melody Hadebe
Narration Vocal Engineer – Okechukwu Achunine (@Kech91)
Shop Assistant – Suthesan Caspersz Manickarajah (@SuthesanCasperszManickarajah)
Rival Gang Members:
-Ramius Joseph (@bigboysliceisback)
-Clive Achunine (@cee_levels)
Drug Addicts:
-Jerome Marshall (@jeromemarshall_)
-Rita Guo (@ritagggguo)
Passerby – Karima Moussa (@fully_k_)
Goku’s Female Interest – Samira Jasim (@thepeachbum)
Football Coach – Henry Morris (@henerz14)
School Peers:
-Chidi David Edewoh (@otfromthesouth)
-Daniel Waters (@dannywaters_)
-Alan Tomiwa Balogun (@balogun.tb)
-Stefano Omozogie (@stefanoomozogie)
-Egbenayaloben Omozogie (_luca.omozogie)
-Joseph Morrison (joemorrison.05._)
-Harri Douglas (@harrijdouglas)
-Zaid Kholloud (@zaid_g11)


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