Our Beliefs

We plan to grow the calisthenics community by becoming more creative with our events. We vision such growth can be achieved by mimicking a similar approach as boxing and U.F.C by introducing press conference and pay per view accessibility. We hope by incorporating this style of promotion a month or two before the event date should generate more hype and interest on social media.
We also aim to grow the sport to a stage where athletes and event reps can make a comfortable living off of C.U.L.
Since the last 7 years, we have seen the shift from the old conventional gymming culture, to more young adults looking for an alternative fitness activity in order to keep their fitness journey exciting. This change in consumer behaviour, as a result, has seen a rise in an overwhelming interest being directed towards calisthenics especially in the U.K.


Our Plans

We plan to grow Calisthenics Universal League (C.U.L) by creating leagues/divisions all across the U.K, wherein creating belts and establishing weight categories in order to elevate the interest for the sport. We plan to direct further adjustments towards the set of rules/ guideline on how competitions are judged, We hope that such action should provide more transparency and encourage more support from different community groups to achieve more electrifying events.
We have many ideas for promoting our events and generating revenue, and our team are also open to ideas from anyone who wants to see calisthenics grow exponentially.
If you feel you want to discuss any ideas or want more information on our future plans, get in touch with us vie the form below.


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