C.U.L Manages To Execute A Spectacular Freestyle Calisthenics Event Just Before Lockdown

On the 5th of September 2020 C.U.L. Partner up with Brixton Street Gym to host a U.K. Calisthenics Championship. (Bar Brawl Brixton 2020) With the shocking current affairs that have griped all of us around the world, the future of calisthenics sports games certainly...

Have You Ever Seen A Collaboration Where Calisthenics Meets Drill Music? If You Havent Check This Out

"I got all this sauce from Gymming & Repping""Gym Personalities Duo Cee Levels & L.O.D.E came through with a very unique and creative twist on their new drill track “Gymming & Repping”. The song speaks volumes, full of catchy punchlines personifying their...


Directed By Chino Achunine
Coming to Vue Cinema, Leicester Square.


We are Calisthenics Universal, An organisation that has been using calisthenics to tackle youth obesity and youth crime. We have been operating since 2017, within that period created a freestyle calisthenics league platform that gives opportunity to underprivileged/troubled youths and young adults the opportunity to train and compete in order to inspire them to take up athlete lifestyles as opposed to street life.
The calisthenics community has become worldwide and we form the bridge between the U.K and 5 other countries. We have been using our platform to host sports events and collaborate with different leagues in different countries so that our young people who choose to compete will have the opportunity to travel to other countries to compete. Officially we are the U.K ambassadors of freestyle calisthenics sports games.



Since the last seven years we have seen the shift from the old conventional gym culture, to more young adults looking for and alternative fitness activity in order to keep their fitness journey exciting.


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