CUL Judging Format

CUL Judging Format

The association of C.U.L introduces a new, clear and easy judging system: The C.U.L Format.
Athletes will be judged by 3 independent judges in 4 categories:
Statics, Dynamic Release, Power Dynamics and Combo/ Creative Flow.
Each category will be allocated to a judge to cover I.e one judge will judge statics and another judge will judge dynamics so on so forth.
Score cards will be issued at the end of each battle
Every vote given by a judge will be shown on the voting card and handed to the athletes after battles so that there can understand how there were scored.
All categories will be scored independently by each judge to avoid bias.
An independent judge is described as the following:

• Judges are not allowed to communicate.

• Judges sit separately and don’t know who the other judges vote for.
• Judges have to decide for themselves.
• Every judge judge’s one category for both athletes.


Each battle round consists of 2 turns of 45sec, for every athlete until the finals.



Static is any skill that is held in a certain position for at least 3 seconds. (e.g. full planche)
Statics will be judged in different levels:
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Dynamic Releases is any skill that is a release and grab. (e.g. swing 540)
Dynamics will be judged in different levels:
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Strength-Dynamic is any skill that could be held in a certain position but is seen as a slow movement. (e.g. hefesto)
Strength/Power will be Judged as follows:
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Combos / Creative Flow will unlock bonus points
Bonus point will be scored between 0-10
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