C.U.L Manages To Execute A Spectacular Freestyle Calisthenics Event Just Before Lockdown

On the 5th of September 2020 C.U.L. Partner up with Brixton Street Gym to host a U.K. Calisthenics Championship. (Bar Brawl Brixton 2020) With the shocking current affairs that have griped all of us around the world, the future of calisthenics sports games certainly...

Have You Ever Seen A Collaboration Where Calisthenics Meets Drill Music? If You Havent Check This Out

Oct 3, 2020 | Culture

“I got all this sauce from Gymming & Repping”

“Gym Personalities Duo Cee Levels & L.O.D.E came through with a very unique and creative twist on their new drill track “Gymming & Repping”. The song speaks volumes, full of catchy punchlines personifying their love and passion for hitting the gym.

The song takes the listeners through a journey that looks to inspire and motivate them towards the artists passion for fitness.

The inclusion of humour in the lyrics, definitely makes “Gymming & Repping ” a track you need to add to your gym playlist.

 Halfway through  the song an interesting interlude occurs where L.O.D.E introduces himself in a very stylish manner before shelling down his version of the song, almost like a “Gymming & Repping 2.0”. Check it out!

The 2 rappers specialise in fitness, Calisthenics to be precise. A type of sports/art that specialises in building lean muscle by lifting/manoeuvring your own bodyweight. This is a highly trained skill and people who train in this usually are very athletic excelling in agility, power, flexibility whilst keeping their bodyweight relatively low.

If you want to check out how these boys train, check out their Instagram.


@uncle_l.o.d.e_u.k   @cee_levels

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